Infographic: The Adoption of Digital Newspapers At Warp Speed

Often, people attribute the decline of newspapers to the rise of the online news.

But many newspapers also became sluggish over the past several decades. Readers’ demands change quickly, they always want something convenient more than tangible. And people have begun to find digital newspapers as a quick and effective option to be informed, which solutiion leads them to slowly cancel print subscriptions.

After the dawn of the Internet, publishers are realizing they will confront a financial turmoil if they do not move at the rate of new technological competitors. So today, more than ever, newspaper businesses are adopting digital publishing as a way to meet audiences’ needs and expectations.

This infographic on The Evolution of Newspaper Innovation made by the Newspaper Association of America shows us how newspapers have transitioned towards advanced digital media and how the changes are keeping up with consumer demands. Even though this primarily looks at US newspapers, it still reflects how the playing field fastly evolves as newsrooms around the world are becoming truly platform-agnostic.

If you’d like to view this infographic from NAA, click here.