3 Ways You Can Share Your Flipbook Via Facebook

Social networking is undoubtedly one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective marketing tools available for publishers who are looking to reach new heights and new readers. Recently surpassing 1.4 billion monthly users, nearing a quarter of the global population, Facebook is looking like the place to go if you want to drastically boost your online visibility. A smart marketing plan can go a long way in helping you achieve this goal, below are a few simple tips to enable you to share flipbook on facebook:

3 Ways You Can Share Your Flipbook Via Facebook

Share your online flipbook to Facebook

The flipbook viewer comes with a simple one-click share tool which will allow you to post a link directly to your corporate Facebook feed. Keeping your market up-to-date on your digital publishing updates is a great way of making sure that you keep current readers content while encouraging an influx of new readers, helping you boost your subscription or adverting revenue.

Share your flipbook app to Facebook

Remember that the more social support your app has the more likely it is to be ranked higher in the search results or even make it onto a “what’s trending” list. By sharing a link to your flipbook app on Facebook you are not only helping boost its visibility with the “likes” it generates, but you are also encouraging more incoming traffic through to your app listing page. No matter how small, every “like”, “share” and click-through is factored in by the app stores’ ranking algorithm.

Create a branded Facebook app!

ePublishing your flipbook across as many channels as possible is crucial for increasing its discoverability. While the online flipbook is great for attracting readers who visit your site, and an app can catch the eye of those browsing the dominant online app stores, a Facebook app can actively reach readers through their own Facebook feed.  Like an iOS or Android app, the Facebook app is native to its medium of distribution, meaning that it is built to incorporate Facebook’s intuitive functionality. This makes it incredibly simple and easy for Facebook users to access on the site. A Realview-created Facebook app is also a smart option if you are looking to increase your reader database by turning your “likes” into subscribers. Each time a new reader clicks through to your Facebook app they agree to register for access, so each reader gets added straight into your online database and mailing list.

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