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Spanning over two decades, Realview has a rich history of technological innovation and operating experience as digital publishing leaders.

Partica search interface

Partica Content Marketplace

Realview launches the Partica Content Marketplace. Partica is designed to supply quality evergreen articles to publishers, marketers, and small to medium-sized businesses, who need articles for their own purposes. Think of Partica as a stock image library, only for articles.

The current content syndication model – licensing content for re-use (not content scraping and linking) is shrouded in mystery, antiquated, slow, restrictive and expensive. Realview has set out to change that by making content readily available, with minimum restrictions at an affordable price.

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Partica Mobile Solution

Partica Publishing

Realview launches Partica Mobile, a cutting-edge mobile publishing and marketing platform that reimagines and re-energizes digital content for the mobile age.

Partica creates stylish, interactive web apps by transforming PDF content into reflowable HTML articles that are optimised first for mobile, but are adaptive across all devices.

Following the success of Partica, Realview receives global recognition as digital content innovators and thought leaders amidst a primarily US-dominated market, and continues to stay ahead of the curve unveiling new mobile publishing tools, features and improvements each and every week.

Native iOS and Android Flipbook Apps

iOS and Android Apps

Realview launches Flipbook iOS and Android apps for smartphone and tablet, allowing publishers to sell and distribute their content in the App Store and Google Play and gain exposure on a global scale.

Realview also expands their products and services into the booming social media market, with the release of the Flipbook Facebook App. Designed as a permission-based marketing and information mining tool, the Facebook App helps publishers leverage their social media following across other online platforms.

With all of Realview’s digital publishing products working in complete unity, publishers are afforded the ease of being able to upload their PDFs once and have their publication dynamically update on every platform.

Mobile Article Viewer For Newspapers

First Mobile Article Version For Newspapers

This year saw a strong focus on mobile web optimization, with Realview’s first of a kind HTML mobile article viewer launched for community newspapers. For a high-quality product, text and images were meticulously extracted from a print-ready PDF and reformatted into fast reflowable articles for smartphone.

Newspaper publishers could now offer their burgeoning mobile market a pleasant and superior alternative to the traditional print replica format, eliminating the need for readers to zoom and pan excessively on smartphones.

HTML flipbook version 3
HTML flipbook version 3
The National Geographic Interactive Archive
The National Geographic Interactive Archive

National Geographic Archives

Realview sets a new standard of excellence unveiling HTML Flipbook Version 3 (V3), a modern take on the digital flipbook with a sleek, minimalist design and a collection of new advanced interactive features to delight and engage readers. V3 was rewritten from the ground up to allow for enhanced flipbook performance on every device and browser. With it also came a new user-friendly publishing admin centre allowing publishers to turn around new interactive issues in less than half the time as before.

The National Geographic Society launches their hugely anticipated digital archive, a collection of replicas of every print magazine published from 1888 to present. Using a custom Realview Archive Solution, National Geographic unlock a wealth of historical value from their old print scans, previously only available in an obsolete DVD format. The National Geographic Digital Archive project continues to expand to this day to include new, enriched features and functionality for their loyal readership.

Fairfax New Zealand Community Newspapers

Fairfax New Zealand Community Newspapers

Realview celebrates a decade of growth and innovation by forging a strong working relationship with the New Zealand division of Fairfax Newspapers, and singlehandedly digitizes their vast collection of community and regional newspapers for their online readership.

The Complete New Yorker digital archive
The Complete New Yorker digital archive
Every issue published from 1925 to present
Every issue published from 1925 to present

The New Yorker Digital Archive

The Realview flipbook technology receives an upgrade with the launch of HTML Flipbook Version 2 (V2), revealing a functional new design and a progressive new ‘slide’ page transition. The first mobile responsive replica viewer is also made available on iPad, the initial step in what will become a vast and innovative movement towards complete mobile optimisation.

Realview also worked closely with renowned American publishing giant Conde Nast to debut The New Yorker online interactive archive, consisting of 4200 rich historical issues, and over half a million high-resolution pages rendered just as they first appeared in print. Replacing their antiquated DVD magazine product with a progressive online archive solution customised by Realview, The New Yorker were able to monetize and preserve their rich historical issues, all while delivering more value to their subscribers. Advanced search functionality and easy online tracking gave way to granular user behavior insights that could now be leveraged by their marketing team. Deep linking issues and articles from their site also allowed them to conduct cross-platform promotions, making the digital archive a product of inexhaustible use and value for their business.

HTML Flipbook Version 1 (V1)

HTML Flipbook Version 1

Realview’s first online flipbook product (V1) hits the market, allowing publishers to transform their print-ready PDF content into stunning interactive flipbooks in just seconds. V1 flipbook technology was leaps and bounds ahead of its time, powered completely by HTML and not Flash to ensure a superior, consistent cross-platform experience. A combination of the fast, stylish flipbook interface and the sturdy backend processing software attracted global publishing brands such as The New Yorker and NewsCorp.

Inner West Courier
The Realview Online Publishing System

The Realview Online Publishing System (ROPS)

Realview’s first PDF to DjVu conversion software is developed for single page viewing in a replica online format. Using the Realview Online Publishing System (ROPS), publishers could automatically publish newspapers, magazines, and catalogs or any printed material on the web. The FPC Courier Newspaper group are the first publishers to adopt the technology, initially using it to digitize 11 Suburban Newspapers. Following the success of those papers they quickly expand to include all of their community mastheads.

Realview Image Management System

The Realview Image Management System (RIMS)

Realview debuts the Realview Image Management System (RIMS), a web application designed to allow users to manage their interactive images through a friendly user interface without needing to invest in special hardware or software. Requiring absolutely no plugins or certificates, website publishers were now able to effortlessly implement stunning interactive images into webpages or emails without needing to purchase their own image server.

The Realview Aerial Viewer

Zooming Aerial Photographs

Realview launches the Aerial Viewer, a cutting-edge online zoomable widget which allows businesses to display up to date, dynamic data over a high-resolution, zooming aerial photograph on their website. Before Google Maps, the Realview Aerial Viewer was the go-to tool for businesses looking to deliver customised location information to their intranet or internet users. The technology required absolutely no plugins or certificates to be installed, ensuring a consistent and impressive interactive experience across every browser.

Realview Technologies Logo

Est. 1999

Realview emerges onto the tech scene in 1999 as a progressive new start-up founded jointly by CEO Richard Lindley and CTO Derek Chan. The fledgling company spends the next 6 months developing the image management technologies which would catapult Realview into an era of growth and innovation.