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The Realview Digital Publishing Platform

digital publication as an app in minutes

Flipbook and mobile friendly

The Realview digital publishing platform gives you two viewers in one. A traditional flipbook and a mobile friendly responsive viewer.

Both viewers have crisp vector text and sharp high resolution images and are created completely from your PDF.

Pure HTML5, cross platform, browser agnostic, tablet and mobile friendly, the viewers are easily branded and there is plenty of options for advertisers.

Supports multiple languages, not just roman character sets, but multi-byte such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Created from your print PDF

There is no need to do any pre-processing on your PDF – simply upload your print ready PDF and our system will do the rest. 

The digital publishing platform can take large files and crop, split and optimise your PDF files so that they are delivered in an optimal size and quality. You have the option to offer a downloadable PDF for your viewers as well.

Realview_mockup_inspire 10
digital publication as an app in minutes

Peace of mind for you

You can do as much or as little as you like on the Realview digital publishing platform. As a self serve platform you simply drag and drop your PDF to make your flipbook. You can also create a mobile edition with our article extraction tools.

If you get stuck there are real people ready to help. In fact, we can manage your entire digital publishing process, or just give you the help when you need it.

When it comes to reliability, the Realview digital publishing platform was designed from the ground up to be scalable with high performance and high availability. Our server architecture runs in multiple locations so it is not dependent on a single data center, providing peace of mind with multiple levels of redundancy and backup.

Automatic interactivity

Web and email addresses are automatically picked up and hyperlinked even if they are not hyperlinked in your PDF. Using the web based dashboard, you can easily add your own.

You can drop a video or audio button straight onto the flipbook page. Once you publication is mobile friendly, you can enhance the reader experience with action buttons such as click to call and click for directions. 

digital publication as an app in minutes
digital publication as an app in minutes

Delight readers with advanced search

All of your back issues are available from both the flipbook and mobile friendly viewers. Like a bookshelf of all past issues – larger archives can be grouped by year. The super quick search will help your readers find what they are looking for in the current issue or any back issue instantly. 

You can even combine metadata you have about your content such as author and keywords to offer a far more practical search that will narrow down exactly what your readers require. 

In addition we offer advanced navigation features such as separate contents panel and page folios – non numeric or issue continuous page naming.

Tracking with Google Analytics

All interactions with your digital publication are tracked using Google analytics. All you need to supply is a UA code, and tracking will be logged into that property. We also support Google Tag Manager implementations.

Every page in your publication has a unique URL so it is possible to get in-depth reporting on individual pages, or whole issues. Views and time spent on each page, is tracked along with of the other information collected by Google Analytics by default, such as location, device and browser.

Link tracking is also enabled, so clicks on web and email addresses as well as internal page jumps are recorded.

digital publication as an app in minutes
digital publication as an app in minutes

Simple security implementation

In the past, allowing current print or digital subscribers access to your archive required programmers to integrate an API so automated access checking could be performed. Not anymore – modern technologies make it almost seamless.

The Realview digital publishing platform security configuration is simple but powerful and can accommodate a wide range of scenarios. There are landing pages available both before validation and after validation depending on your requirements.

JSON web tokens, access within IP range or allow access from a particular referring web page are just a few of the ways security implementations can be configured.