Could This Be A Window Into The Future Of Digital Magazines?

Readers have evolved to become more sophisticated content consumers.  It is no secret that today’s audience hanker after innovative publishing and media. Their standards demand freshness and creativity one notch higher than every yesterday.

Looking back on conversations I made with magazine aficionados, I ponder on the key traits of what readers want in a title. And, I figured that many of the most impactful publications are those that put solid content first, those that are not afraid to try new styles and fearless in experimenting elements. Their works, ultimately, end up dominating the ever changing media world we live in.

Could This Be A Window Into The Future Of Digital Magazines?

A case in point is AnOther Magazine. Founded in 2001 by Jefferson Hack and Rankin, the international luxury fashion and culture biannual released a limited issue in an exclusive box set last week. Retails at $125, the box includes a 9×12 tablet atop a classic print magazine. It also includes an audio soundtrack that can be listened to via the 3.55mm headphone jack.

This world’s first high-definition, avant-garde digital magazine cover gives readers an extraordinary multimedia experience. Filmed by Inez and Vinoodh and accompanied by a bespoke soundtrack by John Gosling (“The Sound of McQueen”), the cover features a video of Rihanna’s moving images, swaddling 440 pages of fashion, culture and ideas.

Hack’s team deserves a recognition for bringing in the good old-fashioned qualities of artistry and passion while managing to employ creative risk-taking execution to satisfy the ever refining standards of digital magazine readers today. I must say they have raised the bar for the digital magazines industry.

To have a taste of the future of digital magazines, watch AnOther Magazine‘s teaser video, “View of the Future” below. It’s exciting to observe and watch how the industry will respond to this digital craft. I know you’ll be awestruck, you’re welcome!