Why corporates need to go mobile for all communications



As people become increasingly hyper-connected through multiple devices, applications and networks, corporates are under rising pressure to adopt new digital platforms.

Corporates currently face significant challenges in ensuring that their communications are heard amongst the ‘white noise’ of the digital age. To stand out from the crowd and meet demand head-on, corporates must either go mobile or risk being left behind.

A 2016 study by Deloitte[1] found that Australians interact with their smartphones 480 million times per day for everything from communications to mobile purchases to engaging with brands.

Not offering access to mobile-friendly communications can make or break audience engagement with a brand.

The most forward-thinking corporates are looking for innovative ways to capitalise upon mobile as a key driver of audience engagement. More importantly, the features that can be offered as part of an intelligent and interactive mobile platform can deliver whole new levels of engagement.

A major global professional services firm executive prefers mobile for its convenience and ease of use for audiences wanting to read annual reports on their smartphones. “Half of our targeted audience chose to read the annual report on a small device, so a mobile publishing platform demonstrated convenience for them,” she said.

For many corporates, mobile functionality is something they cannot offer with access to standard technology platforms. An interactive digital platform can therefore deliver a distinct competitive advantage and enhance multi-channel engagement, as indicated by the global professional services firm executive.

We wanted to have the capability to embed video in thought leadership documents that our audience would receive digitally, having mobile capability for this was an added advantage.

The enhanced capability to track audience engagement and data is another key benefit corporates are looking to unlock, as these functions can help better understand interactions metrics.

Jim Mathers, Head of Publishing at RACQ, saw the advantage in offering mobile access to his organisation’s Road Ahead member magazine.

“A smart mobile publishing platform is a potentially cost-effective outlet that gives us the ability to get more data, track what people are doing and see where we can improve – metrics that help us better understand the way people engage with us are important to us.”

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Across every industry, the need for an engaging digital platform is on the rise – one that bridges the gap between audience demand for more interactive and immediate communications, and an organisation’s capacity to deliver on these expectations. To carve out a competitive edge, corporates need to deliver greater value in their corporate communications and go mobile.


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[1] Deloitte, 2016 https://www2.deloitte.com/au/en/pages/ technology-media-and-telecommunications/articles/ mobile-consumer-survey-2016.html