What’s The Difference Between A Flipbook And An App?

Knowing the difference between an app and a digital flipbook will help you decide on the best digital solution for your publication.

Should You Build Your Start Up Publication As Flipbook or App

A flipbook is an online solution to digitising your publication. The flipbook displays within an HTML viewer on a webpage, allowing it to function across all common browsers and smart devices. There is no additional software or programs besides a browser required for your flipbook to function, making it incredibly simple for your readers to access. However, at all times a user must be connected to the internet. Unlike an app, a digital flipbook is not submitted to an online store for distribution, which means you can remain in complete control of the distribution, pricing, and potential user database of your flipbook. When ePublishing, you have the freedom to consolidate your database of print and digital subscribers, making it easy to streamline your publishing workflow.

An app is a digital solution geared towards smart devices. It is the version of your flipbook which can be searched for and downloaded from the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Unlike an online flipbook, the app is a stand-alone program so it doesn’t require any external resources to function, like a browser. An app is completely optimised to be used on mobile and tablet devices so the publication and user experience is not hindered by the limitations of a browser window. Your app is also featured on globally recognised and populated online stores, providing you with the platform to easily open your content up to a vast market that may not have otherwise been reached. When the app is downloaded it becomes stored on your device, which makes one of its greatest selling points its capacity for offline reading. This is important for people who are on the go!

However, since you are using both Apple and Google’s stores to market and distribute your app, be prepared to hand over a 30% cut on any payments you receive from your digital publishing app. (Click here to read more about how you can avoid Apple’s 30% cut.) Apple has a very strict review process, so it may take around 2 weeks from the submission date before your app is approved to go live in their store. Another thing you must keep in mind when submitting a paid app is that iTunes and Google Play keep all subscribers anonymous, making it harder for you to engage directly with your app subscribers.

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