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Travelers rely on mobile throughout their trip.
According to Expedia, 94% of people bring at least one mobile device when they take personal vacations.

With a digital travel publishing solution from Realview, get your visitors guides and brochures re-purposed into GPS-enabled interactive editions with mobile features that facilitate a seamless path to purchase for your advertisers.

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Convert and re-purpose your visitor guide into a responsive mobile web app


Print and distribution is increasingly expensive, and with limited space in retail outlets and hotels, it’s becoming difficult to stand out in a crowded market.

More and more people are researching travel in region using mobile devices, and flipbooks and PDF don’t translate well onto smartphones.

Native travel apps are expensive, difficult to find, often a bad user experience, have poor download statistics and require a high commitment from the reader for such a short time use.

Mobile Friendly Visitor Guides

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Mobile Friendly Visitor Guides

SOLUTION: A fast mobile web app

» Your printed guide is converted into HTML.
» Destination, tours, activities broken down into ‘articles’.
» Style is consistent with your visitor guides.
» Articles organised into sections.
» Simple and easy to update anytime.
» Your visitor guide looks good on all devices, not just mobile.
» Track your readership via Google Analytics.
» Easily deliver your brochures via SMS.
» Add interactivity such as maps, image galleries and video.
» Insert click to call buttons for direct bookings.
» Add click for directions buttons.

Everyone benefits from your digital visitors guide…

Your visitors

  • Your entire guide is on their mobile phone (and they don’t look like tourists!)

  • Easily jump to sections such as attractions, accommodation and dining

  • Visitors are given turn by turn directions to your advertisers from their current location

  • Easy one-click calling

  • Touch to book instantly

  • Zooming maps and images show locations of interest

  • Custom Google maps add real and practical functionality to your guide.

Your advertisers

  • Print ads are transformed into digital and available on desktop, tablet, mobile

  • No longer constrained by ad size on a printed page, you create a dynamic mini website for their business

  • Increased engagement through ease of use, such as click to call, bookings

  • Comprehensive reports and analysis – every view, every click (or touch!)

  • Showcase attractions with video and image galleries

Your business

  • No extra time or resources needed

  • Created completely from a print ready PDF

  • Articles, information and advertisers are transformed into a digital version of your guide

  • Added incentive for advertisers to continue in print version

  • Addition revenue stream through digital interactivity upselling

  • Greater reach through SMS delivery of guides

  • Complete analysis of reader behaviour

  • Provide engagement reports back to advertisers



Who is Realview?

Realview is a digital publishing and marketing company. We have worked with some of the biggest  and most recognized publishers in the world and now we are turning our expertise to the travel sector.

Over the last few years we have completely rebuilt our solutions from the ground up with the knowledge of the last 20 years and the future in mind, to offer a mobile-first, revenue driven publishing platform.

We are so excited about this product for the tourism industry that it is here available now before even the publishers have had a chance to see it. But don’t take our word for it, here is what others have said about our work:


“The service Realview provides is very user friendly, easy to navigate and the advertising opportunities it offers you to on sell and cover the cost of utilizing this digital platform is sensational”

– Robin Reid

Get more information and request your free trial now

We know you will love how your visitor guide looks on mobile, we are offering to produce a no-obligation free demo of your guide. Enter your details and we will be in touch to get the print ready PDF of your guide.

Your advertisers will be so excited when they see your progressive new responsive digital initiative, that they will order a bigger print advert!