How To Track Who Is Sharing Your Content Through Your Online Digital Brochure

How To Track Who Is Sharing Your Content Through Your Online Digital Brochure

The beauty of Google analytics is that you can always track who is visiting your website from where, at what time of day and all sorts of other valuable and pertinent information that makes understanding your reach simple and easy.

But what about who is sharing your website content, especially the content you want people to be sharing? Of course you can have links to share under each blog post, but since you now understand the value of your Cornerstone Content for your site’s ranking on Google as well as your number one site marketing tool, you know that being able to track who is sharing the content on that page can be a much more valuable piece of information.

This is why having an online brochure powered by a digital publishing platform that you have a link to on your Cornerstone Content page can be of most service to you. With this piece of shareable content, you can track who is opening, reading and sharing your digital brochure with Google analytics! Because the brochure is hosted on the digital publisher’s platform, your Google analytics are connected to it. So you can track how well your content is being spread around, and leading new, interested visitors right back to your site.

Here is an example of the digital brochure Realview Digital created for Marlborough Property Guide. Note how easy it is to click, read on any digital device, and share, all with just one click.

Create your own digital brochure for a free trial, and let us know what you think! Once you give it a whirl, we can help you place it, design it and upgrade it to make your Cornerstone Content the most visited and shared page on your site!

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