Tips On Branding Your App

Remember that when publishing an app your readers expect it to be of the highest quality, especially if they are investing in an in-app subscription. Simply having a browse through the popular digital publishing apps on iTunes or Google Play stores will help you get an idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to app designs.

Below is a list of the features that can be customised when branding your app with Realview, and a few simple tips on how you can design these to your advantage.

  • App icon Your icon (corporate logo) is the first glimpse your readers will have of your app and its content, so it is important that it makes an impression. The icon will display in several different locations; within the listing page in both app stores, on the top panel on the app’s home page, as well as on the home screen on any device that the app is downloaded to. For this reason, it is important to design a visually versatile icon. Small text is never a good design choice for an icon as it may become difficult to interpret on smaller screens. Most importantly, keep it simple! Making an overly complex icon can result in a cluttered look. It is better to go for something clean and simple, allowing for easy brand recognition. To make sure your logo’s design translates well try and test it out against different iPhone wallpapers and at different sizes. Remember that poorly designed icons can lead to an app rejection.                                         
  • Background images  These images will display on the home page in the app. If desired you can supply a completely different background image for portrait view and landscape view. It is also simple for you to change this background image, and with no delays or app update approval times required it allows you to streamline the processes involved if offering this prime space up for advertising. If you wish to place advertising on your background images, avoid the right third of the image for landscape, and the right half for portrait as this will be covered by the issues panel:
Tips On Branding Your App


  • Splash screen images  These images serve as an introduction to your brand and content, and will display for a brief period while the app is loading upon startup. Try to avoid placing any text or important design features around the edges of the graphics as they may be cropped when viewed across devices with differing screen resolutions. Since the splash screens serve as a very brief introduction to your content it is a good idea to make them as bold, vibrant, and engaging as possible. Here are a few great examples of splash screens:
  • Feature graphic (Google Play only) Similar to Facebook’s cover image, this graphic is an excellent tool for making your epublishing app stand out in the Google Play store, and is displayed at the top of your store listing page. Potential users want to be sold on your app before they download it, and your app listing page is where they will go to make their decision. Adding an engaging and relevant feature graphic will help you communicate to your readers the quality and type of content you offer in your app.
  • Live RSS feed Take your app to the next level by embedding a live news feed onto its landing page. This is an excellent feature for boosting reader engagement, and will even allow you to drive readers back to your app when you are in between publishing dates. Realview can support any type of live feed, whether it be an RSS feed or a social media feed, and with design customisations possible through Realview’s platform, it makes it simple and easy to manage this feature ongoingly.

Try Realview and start building your free mobile app today. Create customisable apps that are ready to be published in your choice of app store!