Three Smart Ways To Increase Your Ad Revenue And The Most Common Mistake NOT To Make


newspaper_desktop_by_tatenokai-d39w05t-300x168As every smart newspaper publisher knows, your print and print subscribers are not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact they are most likely here to stay, for a very long time to come! Knowing that can give you the reassurance you need when exploring the vast options available in the digital space. One sure thing to keep in mind when peering into the minefield of digital tools and offers is to choose only the tools that can help support the life and growth of your current print readership and ad revenue.

The most common mistake publishers tend to make is to not make a decision one way or another in choosing a digital product because they can’t seem to figure out which one will actually support their print and pay for itself. The fact is that hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenue lie in your use of digital tools. It’s just a matter of knowing which ones to choose for your specific needs to increase your ad revenue.

Here are three smart ways to begin choosing a digital strategy that can help increase your ad revenue like never before:

1. Exclusive Offers

Whenever you have a special offer in your paper for a specific product or event, there is no better way to spread the word and advertise than through a digital component. You can create a digital brochure specific to the rules and specifications of the offer, and sell ads for it at an extra one-time cost to your advertisers. Advertise in your print version that the offer must be redeemed and shared online, direct them to the brochure and watch the number of hits you get for your exclusive offer. Add an incentive to share the offer through social media, and give your advertisers a chance to watch their ROI soar as new readers begin to learn about the offer, their products and your paper.

2. Special Events

Now is your chance to use your online presence to advertise your special events and watch your readers flock to your digital site. One example is if you plan to host an event for brides. You can advertise in your bridal section that the event details are online. Lead your readers to an online brochure that has the invitation, event details and more ads from your advertisers who will be supporting the event. Again, add an incentive to share the brochure and you can start a movement in as little time as possible, increasing your advertising revenue and gaining new readers.

3. Niche Incentives

Taking your niche sections and giving your most loyal readers an incentive to share additional information and deals online gives you yet another way to increase your online ad revenue in a very short amount of time. Given the loyalty of most niche sections, including bridal, automobile and travel, you have endless possibilities to plan for special offers throughout the year that appear in digital form only. Allowing your readers to utilize these offers gives you a chance to add advertising revenue to your budget each year in ways you never thought possible.

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