Three Moves To Start Your Digital Publication Off On The Right Foot For The New Year!

Three Moves To Start Your Digital Publication Off On The Right Foot For The New Year!

If you are like most people, you want to start the year off right in every way, including making some changes and adjustments to your life that will allow you to get closer to your goals and feel better about your life in general.

We have three incredibly effective action steps for your digital publications that can help you start the year off with a bang, having your subscribers, your potential subscribers and you more grounded and excited about the life of your content for the year to come.  These steps are powerful, and all based in simple acts of kindness, so get started now!

1. Thank (And Enable) Your Subscribers

Post a note to all of your subscribers in a place where they will see it asking them to post their favorite article of your latest issue on your Facebook Page.  In exchange, let them know you will feature the posting with the most likes, highlighting that subscriber’s name, at the end of the month on your Facebook Page as a thank you.  You can offer them additional gifts that make sense for you, such as a mention in your next edition, a special offer or a discount on a product you offer.  This is a way to log your most loyal subscribers and give them a place to shine, while sharing contents of your publication with their friends (new potential subscribers).  Use the Realview Digital Facebook App to really make this action take off with a bang!

2. What Do You Most Want?

Send a newsletter to your subscribers asking them what they most want to see in an upcoming issue for this year.  Have them each only post one thought.  Then choose one and feature it in a future issue, letting all your subscribers know where the idea came from well in advance on one of your social media outlets.  This will keep your subscribers alert and excited about what is to come while letting you know what they most want to read in your pub.

3. Share And Share Alike

Take a moment to let your subscribers know, in detail, exactly how to share your content via social media.  If you’re using the Realview Facebook App, share with them the article right from our blog.  Otherwise, list for them how they can share, how easy it is and why it’s important to you, the publisher.  You will be surprised at how effective this simple request, with your reason behind the ‘why’, will increase your level of shares.  Do this once now, and at the beginning of each quarter.  Watch what happens.  We predict great things! Let us know by sharing with us in the comments below.

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