The Simplest Way To Give Your Reader A Consistent Reading Experience From Desktop To Tablet



We want to make sure your reader can view your publication on their tablet, whether an iPad or Android, with the same brilliance that they can on their desktop. So we created a function within our platform called the Realview Viewer, which detects the type of tablet the reader is using and adjusts according to that tablet’s technology. This allows us to host your content and distribute it to each kind of device without you having to do anything on your side.

This consistency gives your reader an app-like experience within a browser. They don’t have to download an app to view the same kind of seamless, fast-loading content on their device of choice.

Realview integrates with the latest tablet technology almost as soon as it is released so you can be confident your online magazine or digital newspaper works perfectly on any platform, no matter how new. Your Realview digital publications have been tested on the latest iPad, Kindle Fire, Motorola Xoom, Samsung, Google Nexus, HP, Blackberry RIM and countless others.

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