Stunning magazine examples of print to mobile publishing

There is no longer any doubt that creating a mobile publishing strategy for your magazine is crucial for reaching today’s smartphone-dependant audience. Readers are only ever an arm’s reach away from their devices, and are increasingly turning to them throughout the day to look for relevant information and consume rich content on the go.

There are many different ways that publishers can optimize their digital magazines, guides, or brochures for smartphones, however one of the most effective by far is by transforming a print ready PDF to HTML reflowable articles. Not only will this mobile-first publishing strategy make it easier and more pleasant for mobile readers to engage with interactive magazine articles on small screen smartphones, but it allows businesses to publish content that is compatible with the size and processing power requirements of all digital platforms.

Scroll to the end of this blog to explore a range of digital publications from all industry sectors that have been optimized into reflowable mobile web apps. Otherwise, keep reading to find out what is involved when it comes to transforming your print PDF to HTML5 reflowable articles.

Why PDF to HTML articles?


In the age of mobile, making your publications available online only as downloadable PDFs or flipbooks isn’t going to win you the favour of many mobile readers. On small screen smartphones, the excessive need to scroll, zoom, pinch, and flip back and forth between pages can turn many readers off your digital edition, no matter how useful or entertaining the content actually is. Considering that mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% than desktop (42%), it makes sense for businesses to plan their digital publishing strategy with mobile reader behaviour in mind.

By converting your publication from PDF into individual reflowable HTML articles, not only can you create a more mobile friendly user experience for readers, but you will also be afforded more control and flexibility to organise, update, repurpose, and distribute your content on all digital platforms.



Mobile publishing myths

One of the biggest mobile publishing myths that we wish to dispel is that taking your magazine mobile means you only need to offer readers the bare essentials in terms of both content and functionality. This is far from the case, with only 9% of users willing to stay on a mobile site or app if it doesn’t satisfy their needs (for example, to find information or navigate quickly). With new advancements in mobile technology rolling out each month, it makes sense for publishers to take advantage of all of the latest mobile publishing tools and features at their disposal.

The anatomy of a mobile optimized article.

numbersTo help you get a better understanding of what to expect, let’s take a closer look at how your print articles will look when optimised from PDF to HTML for mobile.


1. Your company logo added to the mobile toolbar for maximum brand exposure, and hyperlinked to increase traffic back to your website. This logo will be the first thing readers see and will display at all times, across all articles and sections.

2. Upsell sponsors and advertisers premium screen real estate with interactive scrolling banner ads. Run one ad per issue, or multiple ads targeted for each section category.


3. While not every design choice you make for print will work well on mobile, it is important to keep a consistent brand identity across all platforms and media. Often this extends to magazine design and styling, especially if you have worked hard to establish a unique look and feel for your print magazine. You can preserve your magazine styling choices when it is transformed from print to mobile, carrying over styles such as font typeface, colour, and borders. Just as easily as they can be preserved, they can also be updated to suit the mobile platform.

4. Even if you opt for the minimalist design approach that most people prefer when reading content on their smartphone, it is important to keep a consistent style amongst articles of each category section. To achieve this, a banner colour can be assigned for each section.


5. Every mobile user has different reading preferences, which is why it is important to provide user interface personalisation options and ensure a pleasant reading experience. Tap to adjust article text size to your preference.

6. Strengthen the user experience by enhancing your mobile magazine articles with a range of engaging interactive elements. Mobile optimized videos, image galleries, zoom functionality, and embedded Google maps are just some of the elements that you can include within your mobile articles to deliver readers more value.

7. Individual articles can be shared to social media or emailed to a friend. Track these article shares in your Google Analytics account to attain valuable insight into your user interests and online mobile reading behavior. This information will also help you strengthen and refine your content marketing and mobile publishing efforts for future issues.


8. A slide out drawer menu makes it quick and easy for mobile users to jump to different sections or back issues of your magazine, or to launch the flipbook mode should they prefer to view the original print replica pages on their smartphone.

9. Include a list of suggested articles as options for further mobile reading. These articles are pulled from the same section as the one the reader is currently immersed in.

Stunning PDF to HTML mobile publishing examples

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Creating a superior mobile optimized edition for your publication is easy when you have the tools, resources, and guidance to set a plan in action. If you haven’t started thinking about your digital future then don’t keep putting it off— now is the time to act. Click through to find out how you can take the mobile market by storm.