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Realview understands that community newspapers don’t have the resources of some of the national brands, and has come up with a package that is not only value for money, but offers clear revenue ideas to help you transition into the digital era easily and profitably.

The ‘do everything for you approach’ gives you peace of mind, knowing that your online digital newspaper, contact database and mobile site is all managed without requiring any extra resources or PDF pre-processing. Best of all your readers can access your newspaper, regardless of the device they use.

How Realview Helps You

The Realview digital newspaper software starts with a print ready PDF and turns it into an interactive HTML digital edition that can be viewed on any device with a browser and internet connection. All web links, email addresses, and page jumps are activated and as time passes, you build a searchable archive of your editions.

Realview also offers you ways to sell your HTML5 newspaper securely if they are paid titles, or, if they are free, enable you to collect email addresses to start your community reader database. And best of all, you keep all of the revenue from your subscriptions.

Finally, Realview offers clear and simple advertising revenue opportunities for your digital newspaper that your print reps can easily understand who can in turn, offer unique advertising placements to local businesses. You get the tools to implement these initiatives yourself and you keep all the revenue from your advertising.

From a single PDF you get:

A branded interactive HTML flipbook which looks great on every browser and device

A fast reflowable article edition for mobile, so readers can access your newspaper on the go!

Advanced interactivity features such as video, social feeds, and image galleries, to increase engagement and enrich the reading experience

All interactions tracked through Google Analytics for rich reader insights for you and your advertisers

Each article expertly extracted from your PDF into easy to read HTML article popups for desktop

What you get with the Realview newspaper solution:


Advanced interactivity features such as video and image gallery


Search through html articles within each issue


Excellent customer service for you and your readers


Registration and subscription for your newspaper


Track readership with Google Analytics 



  • “The Mildura Weekly has always had a digital version of our publication that sat passively on our website. Moving across to the Realview interactive technology has allowed us to more actively engage our digital readers through the subscription services. Now we don’t have to wait for people to remember our latest edition is available, subscribers are automatically prompted via an email alert when the new edition is published. The online readership of the Mildura Weekly doubled in the first 3 months of using the Realview technology and I have no hesitation in recommending this solution to other community newspapers.”

    Stuart Mensch, General Manager of Mildura Weekly
  • “The Tennant and District Times is a small, independent regional newspaper with a staff of four and representing an area roughly 448,576 km². When we had to turn our mind to a digital presence it seemed like a bridge too far until we discovered Realview. Being able to upload the same artwork we use for our printed version each week makes being on the web a breeze. The benefits have been that subscribers from out of town get to see the paper the same time as locals do. Whether they are just down the track or on the other side of the world, we are with them. It is an expansive platform with an exciting future and it does not require a big investment to get results.”

    Barry Nattrass, General Manager of The Tennant and District Times
  • “The Border Watch group of newspapers changed over from another provider of e-edition to Realview in the second half of last year. As with everything new, we did have minor teething problems however the way Realview responded to these small issues was commendable. The account manager we deal with is extremely obliging and helpful. The service Realview provide is very user friendly, easy to navigate and the advertising opportunities it offers you to on sell and reduce the cost of utilizing this digital platform is sensational. As a modern era digital provider I believe Realview excel.”

    Robin Reid, General Manager of  The Border Watch


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