Social And Mobile: 3 Simplified Power Tools For SMBs

images-corporateI had the privilege of attending the Local Media Association’s Social And Mobile event in Chicago, where the topic of the two incredibly infomative days was “Show Me The Money!”.

Being savvy with online marketing strategies and invested in learning the power of social media platforms for our small business clients, I was there to absorb the wisdom from small businesses and local newspapers with case studies of their marketing campaigns. 

In the days to come I will be sharing with you highlights of exactly how SMB’s are using these powerful social media platforms to achieve incredible ROI’s. But for now I want to share with you the three simplified power tools from Lutz Finger, director of data at LinkedIn, that you can use right now to organize your entire social and mobile campaign!

In order to determine your campaign plan, you need to first have your content strategy in place. Lutz explained how building relationships online has changed. Strategies need to be more fine-tuned in order to reach your ideal clients with your most valuable and effective content.

Your content strategy can be divided into three simple components: 

1. Reach: Who are you talking to?

In order to reach the right clients you need to be focused on the right people and companies. This includes understanding where your ideal client is spending time and knowing the kind of content they need and desire. These are two different approaches that when combined result in maximum engagement with your content.

2. Frequency: Are you up to speed?

In order to know how and when to post content, you need to know when your readers most want to read it. This is where metrics come into play. Choosing an analytic system that tracks your readers the best, letting you know when they are online, what they are reading and what they are not getting will give you the roadmap you need to structure your content delivery. However, simple observation before you dive into your metrics- literally looking at where they spend their reading time online- can give you the starting information to create a full content campaign plan that you can fine-tune with metrics as you begin to deliver.

3. Engagement: Are you developing trust?

Simply put, people only want to engage online with companies they trust. The most important aspect of a social media campaign is being engaged. If you are putting out extraordinary content that your ideal reader is hooked into but you are not engaging in conversation with them about it, you may not keep their attention for long, as customers expect to engage with the companies they follow through social media. Working engagement into your social and mobile campaigns will allow for you to make informed decisions about your content on a daily basis and serve your ideal client better than any of your competitors.

When you understand your reach, frequency and engagement strategies, your entire social and mobile strategy can be mapped out through a content campaign, as simply as moving from point A to point B. You just have to keep the basics of engagement in mind, knowing you are building valuable client relationships in a new, informed and profoundly insightful way.

Now, over to you: what are your biggest doubts or fears about creating your social and mobile strategy for your SMB? Let us know in the comments section below!

Now, over to you: what are your biggest doubts or fears about creating your social and mobile strategy for your SMB? Let us know in the comments section below!

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