Should I publish to Android?

When Apple released the iPad it was a really exciting time for publishers, especially when Newsstand was announced as a portal to sell digital subscriptions. But since then, there have been hundreds if not thousands of new Android tablet and phone devices that subscribers can read your publications on. So should you publish to Android?

If you are using a HTML5 or browser based publishing platform, then you are already publishing to all devices; but if you are using or thinking about a digital publishing app, then these figures might surprise you.

Despite taking a dip in year on year sales in 2014, Apple is still selling around half a million iPads and iPhone a day (yes a day) worldwide. Almost 200 million iPads have been sold since the launch:

Find more statistics at Statista

By contrast, Android is reporting over one and a half million activations a day for their operating system:


According to the site Statista, the total number of Android devices sold in 2014 will top 533 million, and mobile traffic from Android devices, just passed iOS:

You will find more statistics at Statista

So you can easily see from these figures that there are almost three times as many Android devices being sold than Apple, but obviously not all Android devices are powerful enough or have high enough resolution screens to be suited to reading your digital magazine.

Having said that, there is no doubt that there is already a huge and growing market of Android tablet users, so as long as publishing to Apple and Android apps is cost effective, than you should definitely be publishing to Android.

Realview can help you publish interactive digital publications to iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and smart phones all from a single upload at a price point that make economical sense.

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