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Safe Apps For Kids

With parents concerned about safe online interaction app for kids, what’s an aspiring social media butterfly to do? Enter Everloop Goobit, the first social media app geared exclusively for kids. Goobit combines standard social media capabilities to write, like, share, and comment on posts with kid-friendly features like the ability to ‘prank’ friends and post discreetly. Goobit also restricts the posting of profanity, and combines rejections of inappropriate posts with an explanation for the grounds of the rejection and advice of how to improve. Parents get continuing notifications of children’s activities on the site; however, they cannot post to their children’s pages, allowing children to feel independent. Another safe online interaction site is the “giantHello” app, where kids interact using options similar to Facebook. However, kids cannot friend those who they don’t know, as they must invite friends by email or by giving them a physical print-out page in order to access an invitation code. The Scuttlepad app is a social networking site geared for kids where posts must be written using pre-set messages, eliminating inappropriate interaction. 52% of children have mobile devices; with that percentage steadily increasing, safe social media apps for kids will continue to increase and succeed.