There Is Revenue In Your Digital Archives

solution-archive-unlock-revenueI recently had the pleasure of attending the Local Media Association’s 2014 Social And Mobile Conference: Show Me The Money! As you can guess, the topic of the conference was how to make money, aka drive revenue, through your digital publication. I’ve written a bit about some of the powerful insights I gained here. There were incredible case studies to learn from and see, point blank, how many new avenues there are to take in the social and mobile spaces with your digital content. 

Throughout the conference I realized why digital archives content is so often one of the largest, if not the largest revenue-driving tools in a publication’s digital arsenal.  Here are three of the top ways publishers achieve this, for both large and small publications.

1. Gift-Wrap Your Archives 

Your readers really wants one primary resource at their fingertips at all times: valuable content. The more accessible and appealing you can make your archived content, the more desirable it becomes to those who want more of it. Taking segments of your archived content and bundling them together to sell as an exclusive offer or using it as a special gift for new subscribers is a big draw for digital readers to purchase.

With the holidays coming up, you can get exceptionally creative in this area, creating a gift package that is impossible to say no to, while increasing your digital magazine revenue.

2. Monetize Your Email Marketing 

Your readers undoubtedly like to receive emails from you that offer them additional perks on top of the content they are already finding value in. Doubling up on your emails can become a lucrative way to sell your archive, especially when you have various options for the reader to choose from.

During the process, as your email open-rate increases, your data could allow advertisers to benefit from placing an additional ad within the content you sell to your subscribers only through email.

3. Increase Your SEO

Your SEO can increase dramatically by using your archive to add keywords to your company’s key word searches. By taking full advantage of this, you can not only make offers to new and current subscribers, but increase your ad sales in the process. Once advertisers see your boost in website and archive traffic, your opportunities to create more ad space for them and their likelihood to purchase it increases by tenfold.


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