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HTML Viewer

The HTML viewer operates on any device with a browser – desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Interactivity essentials

During the automated conversion process, Realview will preserve any hyperlinks that are embedded in the PDF. In addition, if there is text contained in the PDF, Realview will scan the text for any occurrences of email and web addresses and automatically hyperlink those as well.

Once the conversion is complete, you can add any extra interactivity you want in your digital edition using simple online tools. Interactivity essentials allows the addition of:

  • Web addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Page jumps
  • Youtube video
  • mp4 video
  • Image galleries


Realview organizes your digital editions into a publication that is displayed in a viewer. You can only have one publication per viewer. Think of a publication as a logical grouping of digital editions. If you are a magazine publisher, then your magazine is a publication that you put into a viewer, which displays one or more issues of your magazine. The viewer will always display the latest issue, and clicking on “browse issues” in the viewer, you will see all of your back issues. You can post a link to the viewer to display the latest issue, or post a link that will open the viewer to a specific issue.

The Free account is limited to two viewers, if you need more, then upgrade to the Plus account where there are no restrictions.

If you have brochures you want to put online, then you could logically group your brochures into a viewer. For example, you could have one viewer with bathroom fittings brochures, and another viewer with kitchen fittings brochures. In this example the bathroom fittings and kitchen fittings are publications that have a number of brochures (issues) in each.

This is different to most other digital edition providers where you create unrelated digital editions in their own viewers, but this logical grouping has its advantages. You can easily get to other issues or other editions from one viewer, and you can search across all issues or editions from within a single viewer.

Unlimited issues

There are no restrictions on the number of editions or issues you can have in each viewer. In our example above, if you wanted a different viewer for each brochure, then you would need a Plus level account.


The Plus account enables you to brand your viewer with an icon of your choice. When you upload an icon (your icon must be 1024×1024 pixels) then the Realview branding is removed and your icon becomes the loading logo, as well as appearing on the toolbar at the top left of the viewer.

If you would like more sophisticated branding options or specific functionality, then you will need to upgrade to our Premium account.


Each viewer has it’s own URL, for example:

When you go to this URL, your viewer will display the latest issue of your publication. You can tell the viewer to show a specific issue in your viewer by adding the specific issue code on the end, for example:

You can get these specific URL’S from the rvrapid portal.

When you upgrade to the Plus account, you can use your own URL (non Realview), for example:

and specify specific issues the same way:

If you want your own URL, you need to have registered the domain and made some changes before you can use it. From the rvrapid portal you can enter your URL, and after Realview has validated that it has been setup correctly, you will be able to start using it.

Google analytics

If you have a Plus or Premium account, then you can use Google Analytics to track the user behavior in each viewer. You will need to have a Google Account and have some familiarity with Google Analytics. Once you have setup your Google Analytics account, you can simply enter your unique tracking code (or UA code) for each viewer you would like to track.

Advanced interactivity

The Premium account comes with advanced interactivity features that you can embed onto the pages of your digital edition:

  • Flash
  • Callout and popup panels
  • Google Maps
  • Twitter Feed
  • User Polls
  • Vimeo Video

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