How Should Publishers Address Evolving Mobile Technology?

How Should Publishers Address Evolving Mobile Technology?
  • Annual mobile unit sales overtook PC sales after 2011 and now has left them far behind.
  • Smartphones have nearly twice the U.S. installed base as do tablets. The loud explosion in tablet sales has slowed to a near-stop.
  • The iPad opportunity remains large and is still growing because Apple will still ship some 55 million new iPads this 2015. Many of those will be going to new customers, rather than serving as replacements for existing customers.
  • The iPad has nearly 60% of the installed base of U.S. tablet users.
  • iPad users are more engaged by their devices than other tablet users and accounted for over three-quarters of tablet use when measured by the total volume of web traffic driven by tablets.
  • Users of Apple mobile devices spend more on just about everything, from mobile apps to the online commerce mediated by those apps. But, the gap is closing, and mainstream app developers now take Android as seriously as iOS.
  • Tablets are the mobile platform driving big-ticket online sales, but PCs continue to dwarf mobile online spend, commanding as much as 90% of the total.

If you have a little bit more time and would like to see more details of Thad‘s report, you can read his full article here.

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