How To Publish On Android Without Lifting A Finger

With the vast selection of supported and affordable hardware out there, it is not hard to imagine why Android is one of the fastest growing operating systems available for smartphones and tablets. Making sure your content is easily accessible to Android users is crucial for not only meeting the growing requirements of your current market, but for also making it easy for new readers to find your content.

How To Publish On Android

So today, we will teach you how to publish on Android in two different ways. Firstly, if you publish online with Realview, your flipbook will already be accessible across all common browser-based devices, including iPads, iPhones, iPods, Android smartphones and tablets, windows phones and tablets, kindle devices—the list is endless! Since we publish in html5, as opposed to flash, our online publications are not hindered by any browser or device limitations, which means that you can provide your readers with a smooth and consistent user experience.

While digital publishing an HTML flipbook is a great idea if you are interested in making your content accessible across as many browser-based platforms as possible, you may find it preferable to offer your Android phone and tablet users a means of viewing your content through a native medium, which leads to option 2—create an Android app for your flipbook.

Many publishers who frequently check the analytics for their online flipbook will tell you that an increasing percentage of their readership are consuming their content from a mobile device. So why not offer them an optimised medium to read your flipbook? You can do this by giving your readers the choice to download your flipbook as an Android app from the Google Play store. According to statistics released recently by Google, 1.5 billion apps and games are downloaded each month by Android users, proving that apps are definitely part of an increasingly lucrative market. The benefits of having an Android app created for your flipbook are numerous. Since your Android app is submitted to the Google Play app store (and the Amazon app store upon request), your content becomes instantly accessible to a global market that may not have otherwise been reached. Once downloaded, your content can also be read offline, making it easy to be accessed by your readers who are constantly on the go. With an Android app you can also offer your readers a simple one-click in app purchase option, making it incredibly easy for readers to subscribe.

When Realview creates an app for you we will handle the entire set up, quality assurance testing, and submission process, making it so simple and easy for you to get your content out into the digital space. Upon supplying all of your required assets, Realview can have your app submitted to the Google Play store within a week, and with no lengthy review periods, your app can be live and ready to be downloaded from the app store the same day!

Trusted by publishers and content-providers worldwide, Realview’s app solution offers a straight forward and effective publishing strategy for making sure your content reaches its target market. Contact Realview today if you are interested in a free app demo or are looking to get started.