How to Promote Your ePublishing Newspapers to Print Subscribers

People are passionate about their community newspapers. These newspapers generally have a loyal print subscriber base. It is important for digital newspapers that they bring their customers with them in addition to acquiring new subscribers who prefer to consume their preferred media digitally. This begs the question. How best should I market my digital newspaper to my existing print subscribers? 


Offering your loyal print subscribers a free ePublishing subscription for a limited time is a great way to familiarise them with a new way to consume their favoured publication. You may even choose to offer a bundled subscription of print and digital at a discounted rate. Advertising your digital edition in a prominent position on your newspapers front page will capture your print subscribers attention and arouse their curiosity. Most community newspapers have a website. Placing a banner ad at the top or a tile ad in a prominent position on your website will alert your existing print subscribers to the news that you are now republishing.  

Many loyal print subscribers will already engage with Facebook. If your community newspaper has a Facebook page then post frequently, especially during the digital launch period about the features and benefits of your digital editions. You may even choose to run a sponsored ad on Facebook specifically targeting your geographic region.  

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