How To Prep Your Archives For Digital Selling To Institutions

How To Prep Your Archives For Digital Selling To Institutions

With the Realview Digital Archives solution, you can have your archives online to immediately start selling them to libraries and educational institutions. How do we do that?

We offer a variety of services that get your content ready for a digital archive, whether you have years of hard copies still in original print form or have a digital version of them ready to be converted.

Once we put your content online, you will have access to our Publisher Access Centre (PAC) a web based portal that allows you to control most aspects of your archive, including subscriptions, subscribers, viewer appearance and functionality. Reporting is Google analytics, although we support other third party system such as Omniture and we record all interactions within our own database if you have specific requirements.

This immediately allows you to start selling the archives to libraries and educational institutions as typically the financial transaction does not need to be in real time or handled online. PAC allows you to setup subscriptions and grant access based on an IP range, a geographical logon area such as a campus or your head office, or a referrer, such as from a link in a secure intranet or extranet page.

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