How to Optimize Your Digital Publication App For Google Play Store


According to recent statistics, the Android operating system accounts for nearly 85% of the global smartphone market. On top of this, Google Play has also overtaken iTunes as the most populated online app store. Making sure your digital publishing app is not only discoverable to Android users, but that it also stands out in the crowd, is crucial for maximising your market exposure. Below is some information about which factors matter in Google Play optimization.


 • The number of users who have your app currently installed on their device will help determine your app’s visibility in the Google Play store. This may sound like a bit of a catch-22: the more downloads you have makes it easier to boost your ranking, hence making it easier for users to find your app and download it, and so on ad infinitum. But keep in mind that new apps also tend to have a better chance of ranking high in the Google Play app store so as to encourage a circulation of content for users. It is a good idea to try and promote your app as much as possible while it is still new to ensure its longevity as a high ranking app.

 • Apps which have an increasing frequency of downloads will not only rank higher in the search results but they have a greater chance of appearing on trending apps list.

 • Another factor which is taken into account is the frequency and duration in which your app is active on a user’s device.

User Feedback

Try and boost the popularity of your app on social media sites, the more likes and shares it has across multiple sites the better!

  • Similarly, incoming traffic to your Google Play app listing page from external sites plays an important role in calculating your app’s popularity. Creating links to your app from your website is one means of boosting this traffic, another is to encourage other websites to review and link to your app also.

  • Positive user feedback in the form of ratings and reviews will help boost your app’s ranking in the search results, while negative feedback will adversely affect its ranking.

Avoid uninstalls

  • One of the most important ways of encouraging reader retention is by making sure that your app is engaging, user-friendly, and up-to-date.

  • Make sure to monitor user feedback and to address any problems or concerns they may raise as soon as possible to avoid low ratings.

  • Avoid unnecessary push notifications. Apps that send out numerous notifications to their readers are more likely to be uninstalled and poorly rated.


  • A great easy idea for boosting your app’s search visibility in the Google Play app store is by frequently including relevant keywords throughout your app description when preparing your listing.

  • When deciding on your app name, try to steer clear of anything that sounds too similar to an existing popular app. While it might make your app more likely to feature somewhere in the search results, choosing a common app name will conversely make it harder to stand out in the crowd!  

  • Make sure to select the most relevant ‘category’ to assign your app to as you want to make sure your epublishing app catches the eye of people who browse these lists.

  • Include a promo video. This feature is a great way to introduce your app to potential customers and will enhance your app listing page immensely. The video will not only help promote your product but it will contribute to boosting your discoverability within the Google Play app store.

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