Should I Optimise My Flipbook For Smartphones?

With the versatility and mobility afforded by a smartphone device there is no doubt as to why it is the most popular digital medium for consuming content. According to a 2014 Mobile Behavior Report released by global cloud computing giants Sailsforce, people are spending on average 3.3 hours a day on their smartphones, and with the advancements in screen size and resolution this number is sure to only rise. In this digital age of fast, on demand content catering towards people who are on the go, making sure your digital flipbook is optimised for smartphone users is crucial for the long-term success of your brand.

Should I Optimise My Flipbook For Smartphones?
The good news is that when you publish your flipbook with Realview we take all of the guess work out of this smartphone optimisation process by offering an all-in-one digital publishing solution. Our online HTML5 flipbook allows you to make your content accessible seamlessly across all devices, browsers, and internet connections, with no need for double handling. Since our flipbook is built from HTML5 and not Flash, its functionality will not be hindered by any device or browser-based limitations. When your flipbook is opened on a smartphone your content will be displayed within a mobile-friendly layout. For newspapers or other paragraph-heavy publications the Article Extraction mobile viewer is an efficient and highly functional tool which takes smartphone optimisation to the next level by deconstructing your flipbook’s content and displaying it in a clean, easy-to-read format which focuses on plain text and graphical elements.

Another way that you can optimise your flipbook for smartphones is by choosing to include a downloadable PDF option. For people who enjoy reading their content in PDF format, this option will allow them to download an entire issue as a PDF file which can then be saved and stored within e-reader apps like iBooks.

An online flipbook is a great option when first looking to expand into the digital space as it will allow you to distribute smartphone-friendly content to the widest possible audience. Additionally, you may find it a smart business move to compliment your online flipbook with a mobile app, as it will help you not only target different markets, but retain your existing loyal customers as well by catering towards their digital needs.

An app is a device-specific piece of native software that can be downloaded from online marketplaces, such as the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Unlike a mobile website which needs to be searched for each time, once downloaded, an app will remain accessible via a simple tap on the home screen, which means that your brand is able to occupy its very own space on a customer’s device!

An app differs from a mobile website in several ways, although arguably its biggest draw is that it allows for offline reading, anytime, anywhere. With an app you will also be able to keep your readers up-to-date by sending out push notifications to the device the app is installed on. Push notifications are a simple and effective tool allowing you to communicate to your readers through a medium which is bound to reach its mark!

When you publish with Realview, your app can be optimised further for small display smartphone screens by choosing to include an Article Extraction view. Functioning similar to the mobile article extraction view for an online flipbook, when activated within an app the extracted article will open up within a full screen HTML window giving your readers the ease to consume your content in an adaptable user-friendly way.

Know that whether you choose to publish a mobile website, an app, or both, it is important to make sure your epublishing solution is optimised for an ever-growing smartphone market.

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