National Geographic Dominates Top Media Publishers List

Shareablee Media Publishing Social Scorecard’s ranking of the US’s top media publishers for March 2015 puts National Geographic at the top.  The Washington D.C. nonprofit ranked as the most effective publisher in the social space for the month of March, with 101.7M total likes, shares, favorites, retweets and comments.  It has also amassed 57.9M followers in total. The magazine, once again, asserted its position as the king of the social media chaparral.

Meanwhile, Automotive, Family, and Travel were also reported as the fastest growing categories of publishers by total social media actions all growing at a rate of more than 50 percent

Sourced from Adweek’s Social Times, check out Shareablee‘s Scorecard results below and see which publishers performed best in March for social interactions. It’d be interesting to compare these results from last year for a more meaningful benchmarking of how much social distribution of content from total publishers has grown over the past year. 

 In March, U.S. media publishers accounted for 763 million total social actions, with 536 million actions from Facebook, 33 million from Twitter and 194 million from Instagram. This represents a 17 percent growth of social engagement for the category, compared to February 2015, more than three times the average growth of US brands and properties during the same time period.

The Top 10 Social Publishers in March

In the March edition of the Shareablee Media Publishing Social Scorecard, Cosmopolitan entered the Top Ten for this first time with a 76 percent growth in social engagement since February, largely due to a spike in Facebook actions.

BuzzFeed took over the top spot on Facebook from The Huffington Post and grew 64 percent, climbing up to the Number 2 rank overall in March. National Geographic once again dominated social engagement on Instagram with over 90.5 million actions, followed by Playboy (2.7 million actions). Bleacher Report continues to lead Twitter with over 2 million social engagements in March.

The Media Publishing category saw 22 percent growth in social engagement on Facebook, 2 percent growth on Twitter and 8 percent growth on Instagram, Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed drove a large growth on Instagram. Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed drove a large part of the increase in Facebook engagement, growing 98 percent and 76 percent in Facebook actions, respectively.

Fastest Growing Categories and Publishers

The fastest growing categories by total social media actions were Automotive, Family, and Travel growing 65 percent, 65 percent and 42 percent, respectively. The Automotive category’s growth of 32 percent was driven largely by two properties: Car and Driver and Motor Trend, with 125 percent and 101 percent growth rates. Family Circle had the highest growth for the Family category at 168 percent; and in the Travel category, Travel + Leisure saw the highest growth at 79 percent… 

Read full article on Adweek’s Social Times, here.

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