Why A Mobile Newspaper Trumps An Online Marketing Plan

In a generation where you can hardly find anyone without a mobile phone in his or her hands, looking at ways in which your newspaper can benefit your readers via mobile devices deserves some careful consideration.

High quality illustration of modern mobile smartphone with business media website on a screen. Isolated on white background.The American Press Institute reported on March 17, 2014 that among all adult Americans, 56 percent reported using a cell phone and 29 percent reported using a tablet to access news. That represents 78 percent of the 69 percent of Americans who own a smartphone, and 73 percent of the 39 percent of Americans who own or use a tablet device. Because most people have their smartphone in hand at all times, following the news throughout the day has become an increasingly common practice.

When I say ‘mobile version’ I am referring to either your mobile-friendly HTML5 digital version of your paper, or your mobile app. Both can add value to your reader’s experience as well as your presence in the digital space for your advertisers, depending on how you position them.

Regardless of whether have implemented a mobile HTML5 or an app, here are three simple ways in which your mobile newspaper can become your key touchstone when you have a strong mobile version in place:

1. Top Of Mind, All The Time

People refer to their smartphones consistently throughout the day to check the status of their favorite go-to mobile touchstones. This includes their favorite apps (users spend an average of 82% of their mobile minutes with apps) and their favorite bookmarked mobile sites. Making your newspaper accessible to them in a clear, easy to navigate mobile version allows your readers to check in periodically throughout the day. Repetition is key to keep your mobile version top of mind. Once this relationship has been established with your readers, it is likely to become one of the mobile

2. Reach Your Readers Faster

Having a mobile version gives you an opportunity to send breaking news, special stories and discounts from advertisers they can only get through your mobile version. Creating these opportunities within your mobile version can be the turning point for your online presence. You can create a newfound loyalty amongst your readers simply by giving them a clear pathway to access your content throughout the day. Giving them additional perks will keep them alert to your content continuously.

3. Reach A Wider Geographic Area

Your mobile version can help you extend beyond your current community by attracting new readers who are interested in a solid news source that serves them daily. Surrounding areas have a reason to hook into your mobile version when the convenience is there and they can check in at any time. This can help drive more traffic to your print as while expanding your current readership into areas you are interested in pursuing and providing value for.

Making your newspaper available to your readers anywhere, anytime gives you compatibility and adaptability of your publication, which is what the majority of people are looking for today in how they consume their content.

Now we would like to hear from you: are you currently using a mobile version for your paper, and if so, how is it working for you?

To learn more about how to create a seamless mobile version, upload your paper for free and test what version works best for you:

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