How To Maximise Content In My Digital-Only Publication

One of the numerous benefits of creating a digital-only publication is that it allows you to organise and present your content to readers in a way that is not hindered by the common limitations of print and paper. The digital space is a medium that gives you the means to think outside of the box in order to maximise your content and, in turn, accumulate a larger digital readership, and even boost revenue from online subscriptions! Whether you are looking to redesign your existing print publication for online, or perhaps are contemplating a new publication altogether and are interested in the benefits of designing and digital publishing, you should consider the below features available to you:


Adding interactivity to your publication is one definite way to boost the content in your publication and to enhance the reader experience.  Simply having hyperlinked content gives your readers easily accessible sources at the click of a button! Creating image galleries (a pop up feature that allows you to click through multiple images) allows you to display all of those extra hi-res images that you would otherwise not be able to fit on a printed page. Do you have articles that can be supported by YouTube or MP4 videos? Why not embed those on the page too? You can also start a discourse with your readers by allowing them to easily find and engage with you via social media. Embed a dynamic Twitter feed in your publication so they can post directly to your feed. Live polls are another creative feature that you can add to your publication, allowing you to gather specific reader feedback. A great way of increasing reader engagement and boosting online revenue is by using these advanced interactive features to also enhance the ads within your publication.

One of the benefits of a flipbook is that you are ePublishing on a webpage, giving you room to place advertising around the flipbook as well as within it. Interactive banner ads (or masthead ads) sit above the viewer, so no matter what page your reader is on they will see it. Banner ads can be scrolling (.gif) or static images (.jpg/.png) depending on your needs.

Zero page advertising is another excellent option that you would otherwise not be able to achieve within a print publication. On a digital publication, the zero page sits on the left-hand side of the front cover, making it a premium advertising space. Since the zero page is HTML the creative possibilities are endless!

While you may be looking to maximise the content you deliver to your readers through interactive elements, you must also make sure that these do not overwhelm the publication, and that you are presenting this content in an organised and coherent way. It is a good idea to determine early on the amount of interactivity you wish to enhance your publication with as this will help you out immensely during the design stage.

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