Making Your Mobile Archive Profitable

Mobile publishing is a hot topic at the moment in the digital publishing industry. As smartphones and portable devices such as tablets, phablets, and e-readers are approaching the functionality of personal computers, the demand for quick, easy, mobile-friendly content has required magazine publishers to challenge traditional business models when it comes to distributing their archive to their market. We recognize that while many publishers have already taken the first step and digitized their archive for online readers, it is still easy for publishers to be left in the dark about how best to deliver their archive to an increasing mobile market. This is why we have put together a publishing package for magazine publishers that enables you to publish your archive online and as an app, regardless of your chosen level of investment. 

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A mobile marketing report conducted this year by the digital analytics company Comscore, found that digital media is predominantly being driven by apps, recording a record growth of 90% usage in the past two years alone. Comparatively, mobile browser and desktop usage has increased by only 53% and 16% respectively. This has resulted in a massive increase in overall time spent consuming digital content in apps, and the number is predicted to continue rising. For many publishers today, increasing the discoverability of their content means that having their archive ready as an app is of as much importance as having it published online.

While we definitely recommend investing in a well-designed adaptive online archive, as this is the most effective starting place for publishers looking to increase their digital presence and will attract the widest possible audience, an app can help you target brand new readers and generate additional streams of revenue for your business.

Here is why publishing your archive as an app can benefit your brand considerably:

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Multiplatform Access

In order to encourage the widest possible demographic of readers it is important to offer them different channels for consuming your content. Realview takes all of the guesswork out of publishing your archive in smartphone friendly formats by offering you an all-in-one digital publishing solution. When you upload your archive to our platform, it is automatically processed and converted for distribution across all platforms: for online desktop, tablet, and mobile, and even for your apps. Since this whole process is automated through a single platform, there is no extra work for you to manage multiple digital products.


Apps are a great resource for publishers looking to increase the visibility of their archive in the digital space, as they can be discovered on globally recognized and frequented online stores, such as the Google Play and iTunes app stores. At Realview we like to set up, build, and submit your apps for you to ensure you have the seamless experience getting it up and running. We then offer you training so that you can be confident in managing your app accounts ongoing. We believe that education is an incredibly valuable tool and encourage you to give us a call so we can address any questions or concerns you have about publishing a digital archive, regardless of whether you are with another provider. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about what publishers need in the digital space. (add link to phone number)

Brand Visibility

Unlike a mobile website which needs to be searched for each time, once downloaded an app will remain accessible via a simple tap on the home screen, which means that your brand is able to occupy its very own space on a customer’s device! Unlike a mobile website which will usually be exited out of once a user has finished their session, a downloaded app will remain accessible permanently on a device, unless deleted. According to Comscore’s 2015 mobile marketing report, a mobile app audience is more likely to be loyal to your product than a web-based audience, with customers spending more than 18 times the amount of time on an app than the online site. When it comes to promoting reader retention, keeping your readers engaged in your archive is key!

A multi-publication app is an excellent option for publishers who are looking to have more than one of their publications housed within a single app. Not only does a multi-pub app make it incredibly easy to access all of your content in one place, but it allows you to boost the visibility of your content by exposing it to existing readers who may not be familiar will all of your products.

Offline Reading

One of the biggest advantages of publishing your archive as an app is its allowance for offline reading—a highly useful feature for content heavy magazines. Readers can download certain issues they want to read to their device, which will remain accessible until deleted, with no need for an Internet connection. This is great for readers who are on the go! Easy, engaging, and intuitive, the Realview app offers smartphone and tablet users a user friendly, native medium for consuming your content. Readers can also manage their issue download preferences to suit their needs. These options include auto-downing the latest issue, modifying which issues are displayed, and the ability to free up space on their device by easily deleting previously downloaded issues.

We recognize that taking the first step into the digital space can be daunting, especially for a lot of smaller publishers who have previously only worked within the print industry. This is why we have committed to helping publishers publish their archive online and as apps as efficiently as possible.

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