How to Make Flipbook Adverts More Engaging

Enhancing the adverts within your flipbook is a great way of increasing reader engagement and boosting online revenue. You can achieve this simply by taking advantage of the full range of features available when you publish online.

Set of flat design concepts. Concepts for online advertising and digital marketing

Make it interactive

You can help increase the traffic to your advertisers’ websites with hyperlinked advertisements. Selectable email addresses and URLs can be automatically picked up and hyperlinked when your pdf pages are processed online. Videos and image galleries are other great interactive features that can be creatively embedded in an advert. Also, you can use callouts to add in extra advertising content without the downside of cluttering up your page design. Callouts (or “read-mores”) allow readers to click on a hotspot on the ad to pop up with extra content.

Think outside the box

One of the benefits of a flipbook is that it is published on a webpage, giving you room to place advertising around the flipbook as well as within it. Interactive banner ads (or masthead ads) sit above the viewer, so no matter what page your reader is on they will see it. Banner ads can be scrolling (.gif) or static images (.jpg/.png) depending on your needs.

Zero page advertising is another excellent option that you would otherwise not be able to achieve within a print publication. On a digital publication, the zero page sits on the left-hand side of the front cover, making it a premium advertising space. Since the zero page is HTML the creative possibilities are endless!

Advertising in apps

Since the background image on the home screen of your app can be branded, why not offer this prime space up for advertising. As soon as your ePublishing app is opened the reader will see the advertising. It is also quick and easy to change this background image, and with no delays or app updates, approval times required it makes it easy for you to manage multiple advertisers ongoingly.

How do you feel about test driving these tips on your very own flipbook or just any personalized digital media? Try Realview for free!