How To Leverage Five Decades’ Worth Of Content– The Rolling Stone Way

rolling-stone-fr3_0059What’s old again is new again as they say. Publishers today are becoming quick on the uptake in realising the value of their past content. Today’s technologies allow us to revisit publications and find refreshed meaning from them than was ever possible when they were first printed.

With 47 years of music journalism, Rolling Stone is one of the titles about to make a hay with its  archives. The magazine title is on their way to bring smiles on music fans’ faces as they partner with Google to make popular sections of each Rolling Stone available on Google Play Newsstand starting today. Yes, TODAY. The digital archives app is created with advanced features such as adding breaking news as part of a daily feed from Rolling Stone.

In an article written by Ainsley O’Connell of Fast Company, it’s clear how digital archives can perform very well in monetizing and putting more value in evergreen content. She cited,

“Google, which bought seven figures’ worth of Rolling Stone advertising as part of the deal, is attempting to strike a friendlier chord. “Our goal is to help publishers succeed in a changing world,” says Brian Irving, global head of marketing for Google Play. “We’re constantly looking for ways to partner with people who are content creators and help bring something to life.”.

It’s more than interesting to see publishers joining the digital archives furor one by one, realising the beauty and value of their ageless content as this. This doesn’t only mean monetization, but reintroducing stories and images from the past into people’s everyday lives.What other iconic magazines would you like to resurface in digital platform?

Want to know more about digital archives? Check out our white paper and start planning on how you can republish your dusty yet precious stories on every digital platform!