Infographic: Key Digital Publishing Stats For Your Strategy-Building

To be successful in digital publishing, you need to pay attention to the opportunities and trends to make sure you are taking advantage when you can. Fortunately,there are endless statistics and data available if you go looking.

One thing you will find common in reports regarding digital publishing is the industry’s unstoppable growth and its accompanying stability. Additionally, content will continue to be the major building block of the industry. After all, it’s the high-quality content that creates the identity of any publication, whether in digital or print.

The mountain of data can quickly become overwhelming, so focus on the few numbers that matter to you when building your digital publishing strategies. With fickle audience behavior, you have to be snappy in your response and flexible in modifying your strategies to ensure you always capture your target audience on the right device at the right time.

Here are some online publishing stats thanks to Crowdsource.

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