Infographic: How To Determine The Right KPIs For Your Content


Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide valuable insights into how your content is doing. It tells you how many people gets to see your content, whether or not they like it, and how they are consuming it. The right KPIs for content performance can show you which ideas are working and which you should look to improve. They also serve as proof to show to your potential advertisers that your content is both a powerful and worthwhile investment.

But, with so many ratios and ways to measure your content, it’s easy to get lost in the process. If you’re looking at which performance metrics you want to measure and what is the most relevant KPI for each of these metrics, here is Yael Kochman‘s guide in an easily digestible infographic.

The ultimate goal of marketing your content is to increase your brand’s reach and bottom line. Thus, you might think that the ultimate indicator of success is the number of leads generated from your content marketing initiatives. However, by setting proper KPIs and not overlooking other important metrics along the way to a lead or a sale, you’ll be in much better shape while getting more out of your content!


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