Why It’s Important To Test Your Digital Publication Before Choosing Your Provider (And How To Do So For FREE!)

Why It’s Important To Test Your Digital Publication Before Choosing Your Provider (And How To Do So For FREE!)

When choosing a digital provider for your publication there are many, many options out there, so many it may seem impossible to narrow it down to the right one. Some look exceptionally exciting but seem extremely confusing once you join, some may promise to offer you everything you’re looking for but seem out of your price range, and some may have your tech needs handled in spades yet leave you wondering how to best position your publication in the digital space. Suddenly you’re feeling stuck, not knowing how to make an informed decision.

All these issues can be easily addressed by asking three simple questions to help narrow down your choices fast and effectively, leaving no stone unturned in your process.

Yet the most important part, once you have made some choices, is being able to test those choices before making your commitment. Here is what we mean:

Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Who is my Ideal Reader?
Remembering who specifically will be reading your publication online will allow you to create a digital roadmap to exactly what you want to provide them. You can then choose the provider with these options.

2. What is most important to my company?
Whether you need to ensure you can provide an ROI for your advertisers, or that you can prove to your CEO that your publication is getting distributed on time internally every month, there is a provider who can help you with this specific goal.

3. What time commitment am I able to give to my digital publication?
If you want your staff to have full control over every detail of your digital pub, and have the bandwidth to manage that then you’ll want to choose a provider that allows you to take over entirely. However, if time is limited and you need a company to take over this aspect of the job, then your choice needs to lean toward a more full-service digital provider.

Adding these all up will help narrow your choices. You can now make a short list of the top contenders to choose from.

However, once you’ve done that, you’ll really want to know which one FEELS the best to you and your company. Chances are this list you have has companies that are quite similar in what they have to offer. Being able to test your choices will allow you to see which one is the best fit.

The Partica Free Trial lets you do this immediately, allowing you to see once and for all exactly how our platform functions for you. Doing this with several other choices will help you make the decision that feels right in every way.

So get started now! Take a PDF that you have of your publication or any other piece of content you want to use and sign up for a free trial. Taking this crucial action step will help you get the ball rolling in the right direction for you, and put the power back in your hands for making the most informed and worthwhile decision for your publication’s digital life.

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