How You Can View Your Publication On All Electronic Devices At The Lowest Cost



Our goal from the start of our company was to help our clients achieve a top quality product without having to go to school, hire a developer or take loads of time to create their digital publications.  We had our work cut out for us, as we needed to keep our platform simple while giving it the top technology.  That was difficult, until HTML5 became available to us.

When we were figuring out how to use HTML5 within our technology, we figured out a way to assemble our core viewer architecture to enable each publication to run seamlessly on all devices. This means we are able to enable your publication to appear exactly the same on your all electronic devices like desktop, laptop, iPad, Android device and all smartphones, for one single price.

In addition to that, when we host your publication we are able to continuously add new features that make it load fast, add pop-up articles for easy reading and many other details that give your reader the most enjoyable experience. Because we have this core viewer architecture in place, you never have to worry about compatibility issues, as they are all managed in a single place on our platform, the Publisher’s Access Centre. Here we can provide you with the top quality technology for the same single price across all platforms.

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