How You Can Give Your Readers A Fast And Flexible Reading Experience




There is one question we asked ourselves when creating our hosting platform: how can your reader switch from reading your publication from their desktop to their phone then to their iPad with virtually no interruption in their experience? Our answer came in the form of multi-platform support.

We took our HTML5 capabilities and created a platform with zero plug-ins, zero Flash and implemented the widest range of viewing and desktop platforms, including Windows, MAC, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer (back to IE 6).

This means no matter what kind of device your reader is viewing your publication on-computer, tablet, smartphone- they will be viewing it as clearly as possible, watching the publication load instantly and turning pages seamlessly on whichever device they choose!  This is accomplished by your sending us a PDF of your issues.  We do the rest.  The viewing experience is then optimized, and  your job is done in a simple click.  You can then sit back, relax, and visit your library on our Publisher’s Access Centre to track your analytics and send thank you emails to your subscribers.

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