How To Share An Entire Publication Directly Onto Facebook


Facebook proves to remain one of the most powerful tools for sharing via social media, but only for a limited amount of content. There has never been a way to view an article or a full publication for that matter, directly on Facebook, so the share options are limited for this kind of activity. For any magazine that wants to market their content using Facebook, the best option so far has been to share the link to the Facebook page, and from there list links to various articles on the wall.

We wanted to find a way to make Facebook marketing a bit more seamless and effective. So we created the Realview Digital Facebook app, the first Facebook app that allows a reader to share an article or full publication with friends directly on Facebook, and lets the magazine keep track of who they are sharing their content with.

It works like this: A reader is reading an article from your publication on a mobile device, and wants to share it with a friend. They click the app, which sends a request to that friend on Facebook to view the article. The friend agrees to share their email address to access the app, reads the article, likes it and shares it further with other friends. You now have a new streamlined marketing tool that helps you see exactly who your new readers are, using your current readers as your marketers. And they’re thrilled to be doing this for you!

Check out some of our current Facebook app users here be searching them on Facebook, and tell us what you think by leaving a comment below:

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