How To Seamlessly Transfer Your Newspaper To Digital

How To Seamlessly Transfer Your Newspaper To Digital

For your newspaper, taking it digital after years of printing can bring up a plethora of issues, primarily with issue of providing a seamless experience for your current subscribers and creating an easy experience for new readers. There are some main points to keep in mind when figuring out the best digital provider for your solutions.

If you are looking for a new provider and have never gone digital before, finding a company that can integrate into that secure side by placing a link to a publication behind it. When accessed it will query your data base to either validate that user or prompt them to subscribe to the publication. This kind of enterprise subscription model is great if you are using an external independent secure site connected to your website.

Finding a provider that can offer a wide range of subscription models, depending on how you are currently taking payments, is also key to a pleasant user experienceyou’re your ecommerce.

If you are using a subscription system provided by an opposition DP company that connects to a digital publication, it’s helpful to find a company that can provide a clean break to replace it using their internal subscription system. They in turn will be able to replicate and upload existing subscriptions with no interruption.

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