How To Get The Three Most Popular Interactions For Children’s Apps At The Lowest Cost

How To Get The Three Most Popular Interactions For Children’s Apps At The Lowest Cost

Due to the ubiquitous nature of tablet PCs and smartphones, the world of children’s apps is growing at a rapid rate. A recent poll of parents found that of the 75% of parents with app-enabled devices share them with their kids, and more than one third of those parents already consider apps to be an ‘integral part’ of family life. These families are more likely to download games (86%) than entertainment (53%) or music (48%) apps, and 76% of these children play these apps most often in their own home rather than in public spaces.

So how do you ensure that your app breaks through the crowd and find its target audience? You can take your cues from what the rest of the children’s apps on the marketplace are doing and apply them to your own unique idea. This way, you’ll know that the interactions you want for your app are already kid-tested. Below are the three most
popular interactions for children’s apps, all of which can be added to a platform-based app for little to no additional cost — but without forsaking quality,of course.

1. Touch Screen Interactions

Kids LOVE to touch the screen and move items around.This feature can be achieved by most platforms, which enable the interaction without having to invest in a custom app.The cost to add a feature like this can be achieved as an add-on custom feature to a platform-based app, and works like a charm!

2. Sounds And Music

There is nothing like adding sounds and music to an app to keep kids excited and engaged.A music overlay will usually cost nothing extra on a platform-based app, and to add specific sounds to any touch feature can be built as an add-on, again allowing you to keep your cost way down with an interaction that kids love.

3. Voiceovers

Adding a voiceover to your app, whether for a story or having a voice guide a child through the rules of the game, congratulating them when the win and letting them know when their time is up, is another feature that keeps kids engaged and wanting to learn more.It is also a feature that will usually not cost extra on a platform-based app, and just an extra cost to make it custom.

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