How To Get The Most From Your Niche Digital Magazine

How To Get The Most From Your Niche Digital Magazine


Running a digital magazine can be a profitable venture especially if you are operating within a niche market. With testimonies of high subscription figures and loyal following, the success of niche digital magazine is driven by content that is very specific to a chosen audience.

Many people mistakenly believe that hyper-targeting is a disadvantage but once they try and if they make it right, they’d discover that this route in digital publishing actually allows for a higher success rate than general interest publications.

If you’re a digital publisher working on a highly specialized magazine or just planning to launch one, you might be wondering about how you can maximise your impact and make your mark. Below are some great tips from Niche Media Events and Diana Landau.

  • Most important first step–set yourself apart from the large publishing companies by doing things differently. Think outside the box. This is an area where niche publishers should take more advantage.
  • Embrace new technology by being open to doing everything. Try out every new social media outlets to see what works for your business and be an educating source for marketers.
  • Determine, by research, which mobile devices your audience is using and target them directly. Make content design-friendly with the multi-mobile device world.
  • Grow your audience database by offering something in return for email addresses: premium content, e-newsletter subscriptions, user accounts for contents & polls, products or discounts, etc.
  • Your ad sales team should always be conducting and using research to help sell: readership, brand perception, and benchmarking studies; circulation research; focus groups; and market research are all essential.
  • Use pop-ups for e-newsletter sign ups. Everyone can agree that pop-up ads can be annoying, but they are also effective. Your goal is to get more traffic and e-newsletter subscriptions. Don’t be afraid that you might offend your audience with one pop-up.
  • Engage your audience with interactive content. Contests, polls, forums and video can create a dialogue with your audience. This gives you a deeper understanding of your audience and gives your audience the feeling that they are part of a community.
  • Create a target list of 50 or so influencers and put them in content to maximize social media shares. People like to be mentioned in content and will no doubt be proud when they are. If the influencer shares to their audience you automatically increase the number of people you reach.
  • Always evaluate your social media posts to see what works. Constantly try to improve your posts for more shares and a deeper dialogue with your audience.
  • Create other advertising avenues to capture these dollars and create a relationship. So your advertiser can’t afford an ad in your online publication for their new product or they missed the deadline? Offer to run their press release in your e-newsletter for a fee.
  • Put together an affordable creative services packages for your advertisers by utilizing the of contract photographer to help create ads for your prospects that really “pop”. Develop the ad and give your client 25 “outtake” photos for distribution via social media.
  • Try adding events to your media mix. The profit margin is high if you do them right and they
    are a lot of fun! Plus, you connect your audience/community face-to-face. It’s powerful.
  • Think online at live events too – post photos to your website and social media feeds and use event hashtags to join the online discussion of the event. Bring the event to your audience.
  • You need to capture your event content on video. You can sell it online and repurpose it many great ways.
  • Podcasts! They are easy to make and don’t take special equipment and give you one more touch point with your audience and advertisers.
  • Use the full capabilities of your digital editions: add outtakes or additional content, press advertisers for videos or other digital content, and make your digital edition different from your print edition to capture more of BOTH audiences.

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Digital magazines are completely different from print media, giving readers an enhanced online content experience. This shake-up has already reached publishers’ doors. And it’s high time for you to learn more about the new opportunities brought in by the proliferation of mobile and tablet devices. You don’t have to crawl your way alone, Realview can help!