How To Generate Views And ROI On Your Newspaper Video Ads

0_285_427_http_offlinehbpl-hbpl_-co_-uk_news_owm_79fe66aa-0726-f7a8-95c4a3041c7575c1-300x200Videos are a crucial component to your reader’s experience with your digital newspaper, especially when they are positioned in such a way that compels your readers to click play. Your advertisers can earn an exceptional return on their investment when their videos gain more views and clicks to their product sites than ever before.

But what are the best ways to position advertisers’ videos to ensure they get this playtime? There are three actions you must take when placing video ads to help see this through.


Place each ad in a place that ensures it will connect with your readers instantly. Video ads usually offer value for their viewers, showcase the product being offered and are fun! The only reason readers won’t notice them is if they are placed within content that does not coincide with the theme of the page. If you have an ad for cars with a video, but it appears in the fashion section or near an article about politics, the reader will most likely not connect with the subject of the ad. However, if you place that same ad and video in the Automobile section or near an article about road trips, the reader is in the right frame of mind to learn more about the ad. This allows your advertiser to connect with your readers who are genuinely interested in the product they are selling.


Be sure that each video ad has an easy interactive link that allows the reader to see the brand’s website with one click. This alone can be worth your advertiser’s ROI when you are able to track these click-through captures with your built-in analytics.

When your reader is consuming content on a digital device, they expect to be able to take advantage of interactions that allow them to enjoy their experience. When they view a video they like, especially for an ad for a product or service, giving them the option to interact with it by sharing it or going to the ad’s website to learn more gives your advertiser the chance to spread the word and capture more views.


Give readers the option to share your newspaper video ads via social media for a quick way to spread the word about your advertisers’ product. There are several ways to do this, but the simplest is to give each video social media share buttons if they don’t already have them, or offer a special app feature such as the Realview Facebook App that lets your reader share content from your epublishing newspaper on their Facebook wall. If a reader likes a video, they will share it more often than not, so giving them an easy way to do so will drive video views quickly and build your readership at the same time.

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