What the flip? Flipbook and skeuomorphism

Is a flipbook a flipbook if it slides?

Ten years ago we had a flipbook viewer that featured a flip, it even had a nice paper flipping sound as well! It didn’t take long for the complaints to come in – the lack of a button to turn the flipping sound off drove people crazy. Fast forward and today we still get some complaints; this time because we don’t have a flip anymore.


Despite a ‘realistic page turning feature’ (with sound!) being a novelty, some people still ask if we can provide a flip function. Over the last few years we have debated whether to bring back the flip, and for the time being at least, the answer is definitive, as our CTO Derek Chan explains:

“Our V3 viewer is not flip as we have moved past this design to a slide touch environment for the following reasons:

Realview takes into account the different ways people are consuming media today on different devices, be they desktop , tablets or smartphones. We wish to provide consumers of digital media with an integrated experience acknowledging the range of devices they are using.

The flip page viewer is not compatible with a platform agnostic solution as provided by Realview – a key feature being the contemporary touch slide environment which best represents progress in the digital environment as we head into 2014.

As a progressive Digital Publishing company Realview has moved on from Skeuomorphic design as has Apple most recently in its iOS7 upgrade.”

Flip the flip for the slide!

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If you have been thinking about digital publications, now is the time to try your ideas for free – with a slide!