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Your Digital Magazine Loaded With The Best Features

HTML 5 not flash – absolutely no plugins or downloads.
Cross platform, Cross browser, Tablet friendly.
Simple to re-skin, which means it’s easily branded and there is plenty of options for advertisers.
Supports multiple languages, not just roman character sets, but multi-byte such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese.



  • Fast loading with an extremely small footprint.
  • Progressive and pre-downloads, lazy loading of all assets.
  • Pages fit screen exactly for the viewing device

Navigation features:

  • User selectable zoom settings
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Accelerated zoom drag
  • Reversible drag
  • Contents panel with title, description and thumbnails for quick access to sections
  • Supports folios, not just physical page numbers – pages can be called ‘Front Cover’ rather than just ‘1’
  • Search – current issue or all back issues
  • Back issues – library is accessible from the viewer
    • Grouped by year
    • Shows only issues the subscriber has access to
realview features

Share features:

  • Facebook – post directly to your wall
  • Twitter
  • Linked in
  • Email – email a friend – completely customizable email


  • Custom Styles for almost everything
  • Control startup behaviour such as start page, start section,
  • JavaScript functions to customize functionality and behaviour
  • Headers and meta tags for Search Engine Optimization
  • Pre-loader (only seen briefly!)
  • Skin, background, colours fonts all controlled through style sheets
  • Title

Advertising options

  • Ad Server Integration
  • Show adverts by page or section
  • On page advertisements
  • Banner or tower advertisements
  • Interstitial
  • Embedded catalogues