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A Stunning Viewing Experience

The custom designed Realview core viewer architecture uses the latest in tools, technology and design. Seamlessly elegant, the sophisticated delivery system gives you maximum reach for your readership with a single upload to global distribution across all major platforms. Whether viewing your online magazine, online company brochure or company e-newsletter on desktop, laptop, ipad or Android, your readers will be rewarded with a stunning, consistently delivered viewing experience. Software is continually updated and improved to ensure device and browser compatibility with the plethora of new and upgraded devices constantly entering the market.

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No Fuss, Easy Reading Online Experience

With the Realview online publishing system you have no downloads and no flash required, this means you can give your readers a no fuss, easy reading and very fast online browsing experience. The Realview solution has been tested in the highly challenging corporate environments of online newspapers, online magazines, digital catalogs, shareholder communications and staff communications to ensure a commercially reliable, functional and flexible digital publishing platform for any online publishing requirement.

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A Beautiful Read, Blazingly Fast

The Realview online publishing suite not only gives your readers a beautiful read, but the flexible, scalable and robust technology means your readers have constant, immediate access to your online magazine, html5 magazine, android magazine or ipad magazine blazingly fast. Their online publishing platform is cloud based, meaning your digital newspaper, online catalogue, ipad magazine or android magazine is accessible from the web anywhere, anytime.