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Advanced Subscription Capability

The Realview digital publishing software includes a range of robust and effective subscription options from single logins through to enterprise subscriptions so you can manage your online publication delivery. A single login across all devices gives your readers complete access when and where they demand it.

  • Unlimited number of subscriptions and subscribers
  • Access can be secured down to an individual issue
  • Manage subscribers and subscriptions and get reports through our Publisher Access Center (PAC)
  • Available as a subscription entitlement service
  • Web API available

Subscription Types:

  • Time based
  • Issue based
  • One time key
  • Referrer
  • IP range

Subscription Features

  • Instant access
  • Allow access to entire archive or only forward from a certain date
  • Set length subscriptions
  • Start today with set length subscription – offer bonus current issue
  • Expire content after a period after subscription ends

Security features

  • Restrict multiple¬† concurrent logins
  • Limit number of devices a login can access from
  • Every request is checked for validity
  • Session timeout after a period of inactivity
  • Logging of individual subscriber behaviour
  • Disable zoom on first page
  • Optional login page before reaching any publications

Automatic login options

  • Ideal for corporate, libraries and education.
  • Automatically login based on IP address (auto login based on geographic location)
  • Automatically login if referred from another web page (ideal for intranet and extranets)
  • Encrypted login
  • One time key or token
  • Easily integrated into your database for a single sign on solution
  • API / web service available


  • Completely customizable subscription / login messaging
  • Custom subscription pages
  • Built in payment portals
  • Option to integrate to 3rd party payment portal
  • Integrate to single sign in systems
  • Caches last know status in case of system unavailability
  • Net subscriber activity reporting
  • Automatically created and delivered custom subscriber reports

Already integrated systems

  • CDS including record access gateway (RAG)
  • Time Customer Services
  • ESP


  • Full support
  • Optional 24/7 support for your subscribers