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Engage And Analyse Reader Behaviour

The Realview digital publishing solution is the perfect addition to your online customer engagement and marketing activities. The powerful online publishing software can be used to capture valuable and informative data about your readers for real business opportunity. The following list of registration capabilities can help you to maximise your online publishing investment:

  • Simply collect email address or choose from a range other fields to collect
  • Can be optional or compulsory
  • Registration can be used to notify reader about new issues, or for lead generation
  • Data can go straight into a CRM system such as Salesforce
  • Choice of registration prompts / graphics
  • Configurable text and logos in register screen (HTML)
  • When a reader registers, they automatically get sent a configurable welcome / thank you HTML email
  • Configurable text in thank you screen (HTML)
  • Easily send emails to registered users for
    • reminder emails for each new issue
    • Marketing or special promotions
  • Bounce / delivered / opened reporting
  • Registered users can be required to login each time
  • Supports multiple languages