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PDF to Flipbook, PDF to HTML5

If you have a high resolution pdf of your magazine, brochure or newspaper, it is a simple process to convert this PDF to HTML5 format or convert the PDF to iPad format. The Realview publishing engine is able to process your print ready PDF documents directly to an interactive online environment, there is no need to pre-process or modify your PDF documents (no extra work) prior to getting them into the exciting online publishing environment. Realview will enable advanced features and functionality for your PDF conversion including the easy integration of a variety of engaging features such as call-out boxes, embedded video, hyperlinks, shopping carts and photo galleries. With true "publish once and read anywhere" technology available from the PDF to HTML5, or PDF to iPad conversion, you’ll have industry leading digital brochures, online catalogues, digital magazines and online newspapers running faster and more robustly than you thought possible.

  • High Res print ready preferred
  • No pre-processing needed
  • No size limit
  • No page limit
  • One page per file, all pages in a single file or a combination
  • Automatic filename and page recognition
  • Automated FTP push or pull
  • Issues created automatically
  • Crop marks removal
  • Can add padding
  • Rotate
  • Chop
  • Trim
  • Recognizes hyperlinks
  • Optical Character Recognition is available
  • Scanned PDF’s accepted