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Comprehensive Online Management Portal

The Realview online web based Publisher Access Centre (PAC) delivers great flexibility and publication control. Loaded with features and easy to use, the portal is an integral component of your online publishing environment. Some features include:

Security Features

  • Multi level security access – different roles get different access
  • Every menu option can be included / excluded

Manage publications

  • Name
  • Language (for search and search engines)
  • Frequency
  • URL management
  • Create, edit and manage subscriptions
  • Create, edit and manage subscribers
  • Create, edit and manage payment options

Manage issues

  • Create new issues and upload files
  • Issue name
  • Issue date
  • Publish date
  • Cover link – easily create images of your publications at the size you need
  • Get embed code to put links to your publications into emails or blogs
  • Add contents – titles and descriptions
  • Manage content templates
  • Edit, correct or add text for each page

Add interactivity

  • Upload interactivity assets such as video and images
  • Hyperlinks
  • Image Gallery
  • YouTube Videos
  • Realview Videos
  • SWF/Flash
  • Callouts
  • WordPress Popups
  • Google Maps
  • Twitter Feed
  • Polls


  • Add, edit email in a WYSIWYG editor
  • Send emails to subscribers
  • Mail reports including open and bounce rates
  • Edit email to friend and subscription reminder emails


  • Subscriber reports
  • Download all subscribers
  • Subscription reports
  • Click reports – find out who is clicking on hyperlinks in your publications
  • Dot reports – a heat map of where readers are clicking on each page

Advanced features

  • Schedule automatic tasks such as make issues live, send emails
  • Viewer configuration – complete control over the look feel and functionality of your viewers