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Advanced Interaction For Your Publication

The robust Realview digital publishing platform promotes an advanced interactive online publishing experience. With the extensive capabilities available from Realview,your users will engage, explore and discover new territories with your online publication.

Experience what is possible by reading online about Australia – ‘The Realview of Australia’ is a beautiful example of these great interactive features.

For instructions on how to add interactivity to your publication, download our Interactivity Guide.

realview feature interactivity

Interactivity features work across a range of devices and include:

realview feature interactivity hyperlink


Creating a hyperlink allows the reader to navigate immediately to a website by clicking a hotspot, meaning any part of your page can be a link to another website.

realview feature interactivity image gallery

Image Gallery

An image gallery allows you to present a slideshow of images either through a popup presentation or viewed within the actual page of your publication. This is an excellent way to make your page an interactive, interesting experience.

realview feature interactivity youtube

YouTube Videos

Using a YouTube video is a great and easy way to link to your videos through your YouTube account. This effective piece of interactivity allows you to resize the video to any dimension, plus you have the option to display the video on the page itself or to popup on screen.

realview feature interactivity realview video

Realview video

You simply upload your video via File Manager to our servers and you are ready to play videos. Your video is placed in our built in video player which has the standard play, pause, volume, and close buttons. You also have the option to have the video automatically play as the reader turns onto the page.

realview feature interactivity realview swf


For legacy flash elements, the viewer has support for flash on your page to enhance the users viewing experience. However, all flash interactivity is unavailable on the iPad and some other Apple devices.

realview feature interactivity realview callouts


A callout is an area on your page where the reader can mouse over or click and a popup box emerges containing more information. The callout can contain text, images or other HTML content. The content in a call out is hidden on the page until the user activates it by clicking on or mousing over the area that houses the callout information. Some HTML knowledge may be required, and there are templates to get you started.

realview feature interactivity wordpress

WordPress Popups

WordPress Popup interactivity will allow you to take your already written copy from WordPress and have this shown on your specified page. This removes all the excess time of having to write up your articles in a Callout.

realview feature interactivity maps

Google Maps

Using Google Maps allows the reader to view an area/place that they may have had to originally search for themselves. There are all the same functions that you can find through Google. For example: street view, adjustable zoom and the click and drag function.

realview feature interactivity twitter

Twitter Feed

Place a live twitter feed into your publication. Twitter feeds are a fantastic way to engage your readers through the use of social media.

realview feature interactivity pools


You can create a poll in your publication to gauge reader opinion. You can ask readers a multiple choice question and allow them to immediately view the results.